Friday, 12 December 2008

new winter coats for minnie and fergus

Hi my friends how are you all doing , this moment I'm relaxing typing in a few words of the 2 wee west highland terriers Minnie and Fergus. The last week the weather in Scotland has been very cold and frosty some places have snow but here its not happened we live to near the sea shore but plenty of ice underfoot. Minnie got a lovely dark blue waterproof coat all padded for the cold looks a wee toff so she does .Fergus he got a Stewart red tartan coat with fleece underneath he sure looks a wee smasher lol.they were real naughty on Thursday morning that's the day the refuse gets lifted up by the council and its collected by truck but its waiting outside the garden in a wheelie bin and Minnie just goes bananas when she hears the wheels of the bins moving along the pavements. this month we have had a new wooden flooring put in and done some decorating plus renewed the living room sofas and chairs.
today my daughter Audrey and her fiance gave us a lovely new rug for the living room and low and behold the 2 wee dogs made themselves right at home they came in out of the rain to see the rug down before we new it they were rolling all over it then they went right off to sleep . so tonight the 2 grandkids Erin and Jaye are stopping over we are all going to a movie show with 10 adults and 15 rainbows plus 26 brownies so im helping with the shuttle service of cars to get them there and back for there christmas treat. if your wondering what they are the kids are all female and are in a brownie and rainbow packs (troops)they are called in usa .
well folks thats all for now take care god bless have a good christmas love from nancy xx


Trees said...

Nancy those two wee puppies keep you busy. Nice Audrey bought you a nice new rug. Say hi to the kids for me.

sober white women said...

I had to put a winter coat on our dog last night. She refused to go outside because it was getting to cold. Oh what we do for our pets

a corgi said...

hoping you enjoyed your movie night; sounds like a lot of fun!

your dogs are so cute!! I can just see them taking over the rugs; I bet in summer they shed a lot if they get thick coats of fur to make it through your cold winters

take care of yourself


Small Footprints said...

Hi! I'm here from "Thoughts of a sober white woman" ... congratulations on receiving her honesty award.

You have a lovely blog ... I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Your little dogs sound like such sweet characters.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us!

Small Footprints