Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hi folks its Fergus there . its so !!!! early here i woke nanny for a wee pee lol. she wasn't to happy as it was 4 am and bitter cold as for Minnie she snoring as usuall. Well my wee family in Australia are coming to terms that there are plenty bugs there , mommy finished up in hospital she got bite by a bug on her hand and it went up like a balloon then she had to get a few shots and got some steroids all is well now . Then there was my big sister Carina she thought she would enjoy the night air and sat out for a spell guess what she had in the morning 47 bites poor sis. Erin and Jaye had fun counting them all I bet they missed a few . I told Carina to make up some water and vinager and sponge them down as it takes the itch out but she said she not going to smell like a fish supper lol so ( another old granny recipe not put to use (see them young ones )

So very cold today and has to snow again the weatherman says I hope he is wrong cause its too cold to go out and go walkies as my undercarrige gets so wet as i'm only a small dog grrrrrrr!!!! well I dont have too much to say as its still early will sign off and get another nap ,I will leave nanny here to try put another pic on here she realy rubbish makes a hash of it everytime lol cheerio for now Fergus i guess i better put Minnies name down too or she will go in the huff ! women huh!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fergus and Minnies family have emigrated to OZ

Hi Folks. well here we are again back with our wee snippets of info about our mum and 3 sisters who emigrated to Australia.
All 4 went from Glasgow on 11. 2. 201o.they had another to plane to Perth australia. they had a good flight but near the end of the Perth flight it got a wee bit bumpy.They were met at the airport and were taken to a a hotel where they were to live there for 2 weeks swimming pool was a must as Erin and Jaye just loved the water as it was so hot!.
so there time in Perth was sight seeing and B B Q galore. mum Had to buy us new beds so off to IKEA they went , the beds got sent on with lots of other things to there new home.When they arrived at there destination they had another week in another hotel before they could move into the house .At last the day came they moved in a place at last to call home !!. Erin and Jaye got there new uniforms a lovely blue with matching t-shirt skorts look like half shorts have skirt and a sun hat . when Erin saw the hat she was upset she didnt want to wear a hat poor lass. rule is no hat no play!!as for Jaye she was pleased as punch !! as blue is her football team she loves .They now in scool 3 weeks and mummy is in the same school as them doing primary 5. well thats all for now but will write again cheerio for now god bless you all that read this
love from nancybrownowl fergus and minnie woof!!!! woof !!!!