Friday, 30 January 2009


hi folks, its Nancybrownowl here all quiet with the 2 wee dogs Minnie and Fergus I think they must be on there best behavior this past 2weeks. Now its nearly end of January and I've had a busy month birthday wise, my baby was 40 on the 10th then Erin her daughter was 11yrs old 9th Jan then Jaye she was 9yrs on the 17th then last not to forget Robert Burns who was born 250yrs ago. The girls school have a Robert Burns Talent Contest every year they have cups presented and medals for the best spoken scottish poems and songs. So for that month we have Erin and Jaye practicing there songs and poems and its hard to learn because they dont know the old fashioned words how to pronounce them. Into the bargain Jaye is doing the country dancing lol . Myself been a wee bit busier than usual I go to a cooking class where we learn different meals from around the world It used to be on a Monday morning now its changed to a Thursday morning same day as when I go to an art class but its in the afternoon just as well.
A funny thing happened at the cooking class Joan the teacher was showing us how to do something in a pan when her apron caught fire she was using gas by luck I had a jug of water and plonked it onto her apron her face was a picture it gave us all a good laugh no damage done to Joan tho the apron was but out with the garbage.
Yesterday we gathered all our art together we are having an open night with a cheese and wine showing all the paintings. I've been had my hair done at 9am today my daughter Audrey has her own salon so I am getting titivated up for a wee change lol. When I came back with the grocery hubby was waiting on the gas repair man there was a fault but everything ok now he been and gone and house got the heating back on all lovely and cosy.
Well folks I need to skoot over to the community centre as we have to set up the hall with table and chairs so you take care and enjoy what ever you all do best .

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ode Tae A Fart.

Hi my friends here is a wee bit of silly houmor about what can happen when you have had a Scottish Haggis Supper. Sit doon get oot the hankeys and have a good chuckle!!!!!
Oh what a sleekit horrible beastie
Lurks in your belly efter the feastie
Just as ye sit doon among yer kin
There sterts to stir an enormouse wind
The neeps and tatties and mushy peas
Stert workin like a gentale breeze
But soon the puddin wi the sauncie face
Will have ye blawing all ower the place

Nae matter whit the hell ye dae
A'body's gonnae hiv tae pay
Even if ye try tae stifle
It's like a bullet oot a rifle
Hawd your bum tight tae the chair
Tae try and stop the leakin air
Shifty yersel fae cheek tae cheek
Pray tae God it disnae reek

But aw yer efforts go assunder
Oot it comes like a clap o thunder
Ricochets aroon the room
Michty me a sonic boom
God almighty it fairly reeks
Hope I hivnae shit ma breeks
Tae the bog I better scurry
Aw whit the hell it's no ma worry

A'body roon aboot me chokin
Wan or two are nearly bokin
I'll feel better for a while
Cannae help but raise a smile
Wiz him I shout with accusin glower
Alas too late , he's just keeled ower
Ye dirty bugger they shout and stare
A didnnae feel welcome any mair

Where e'ere ye be let yer wind gan' free
Sounds like just the job fur me
Whit a fuss at Rabbie's Party
Ower the sake of wan wee FARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, 23 January 2009

Short back and sides for Minnie and Fergus.

hi it's me Minnie, yes my turn to speak what a week been on a pampering day with my brother Fergus we went back to the place where we were born and guess what ? We were washed ,nails cut, and an electric clipper was used to clip all my locks off poor me nancy said I looked lovely but I felt I looked like a wee lamb just born. Now wait for it see that Fergus he just would not settle down he was very nauty he finished up with the lady putting a muzzle on him as he was getting very noisey and was trying to snap at the lady . I tried to get a wee nap but no joy did i get it no!!!!!!!!!!!! we were taken to the farm 10am on the dot . Nancy went away to do some shopping then she went to her lunch club where there were fifty over 50s
people having a HAGGIS DINNER they had cockoleekie soup followed with Haggis neeps and creamed potatoes followed clootie dumplin with custard then tea coffee and aot cakes with cheese and lovely shortbread shhhhhhh!!!!!! i thought nancy said she was back on her diet after the new year i wonder what one she ment the Chinese New Year. After luch was finished they put on music and they were dancing like crazy. Nancy must have enjoyed it as it was 4pm before she came back to pick fergus and me up.when our other mum liz saw us at our house she had to get her scissors and trim Ferguses beard as it was lopsided with him not sitting still well friends will say cheerio for now TAKE CARE GOD BLESS FROM MINNIE AND FERGUS WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Monday, 12 January 2009

awol !!!!!!!!! fergus

hi my friends how are you . guess what i got up to today ?Well the weather was nice and sunny with a wee breeze i was playing in the garden with Minnie fighting over the snowman toy minus the squeeker as Minnie chewed it out . My mum Nancy was up clearing the bedroom come computer room sheeeeeeeeee!!dont tell her i said that but she is a hoarder she is clearing out guiding rubbish that has accumulated over the years as she now has retired and that's why we were bought to keep her busy.Dad went out to the Bank and Nancy was still working away upstairs . I thought id liven things up a bit and play a wee trick on her . I started to bark so loud Nancy kept shouting shut up! fergus nothing wrong with you you have been out. Nancy came downstairs couldnt see me there she went back there .I started to bark again back down the stairs she came moaning !!!i was hidden she went upstairs again and she was looking under all the beds in the bedrooms as I always hide there . I could hear her talking to herself he must be in the house some where off she trotted down the 13 stairs again!!I see her I start barking . Guess where I was stuck below the new chair a recliner with my head sweezed thru the bottom bit when she saw me she got me out but didn't look to see if i was ok nope she checked the chair over to see if it was OK but when Dad came back she told him he sat and lol said whit did you dae fergus? and guess where Minnie was all this time asleep!!

Thursday, 8 January 2009


There,s nothing the matter with me,
I,m as healthy as can be.
I have arthiritis in both my knees
And when I talk I talk with a wheeze;
My pulse is weak,my blood is thin,
But I,m awfully well, for the shape I,m in.

Arch supports I have for both my feet,
or I wouldn,t be able to be on the streets,
Sleep is denied me night after night
But every morning I feel I,m alright.
My memory is failing,my heads in a spin,
But I,m awfully well for the shape I,m in.

The moral is this,as my tale I unfold,
That for you and me who are old,
It,s better to say"I,m fine" with a grin,
Than let folks know the shape we are in.

How do i know that my youth Is all spent
Well my " get up and go" has got up and went!
But I dont realy mind when i think with a grin,
of all the grand places my "get up " has bin.

by my friend age 96 who passed away nov 2008
wee Jeanie Poynts Scotland u.k.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Day 2009.

hi everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL MANY MORE TO COME.About 8 oclock all quiet Fergus and Minnie asleep minnie on my knee and fergus under my feet snoring gently when we had a knock at the door so the peace was shattered dogs barking and growling it was my sister inlaw Moira and Willies brother Charlie round to bring in the bells with us at midnight. We watched ELTON JOHN in concert the music and piano playing was first class. ELTON JOHN finished up singing candle in the wind.The bells were ringing we were wishing one another a happy new year we had shortbread and currant bun followed with a small buffee. lol best not forget the FAMOUSE GROUSE WHISKEY. For me it was another scottish drink Irn Bru.Last year I had a health scare and finished up in hospital on Hugmannay with my heart so it was no alcohol just Irn Bru. our inlaws left at 3pm then it was off to bed. Up at 9am next morning prepared dinner had already cooked a roast of pork and my daughter Arlene and husband and 2 kids and alfie a springer spanial were coming to dinner also my other daughter elizabeth with her three daughters all arrived and the roast, veg and a large family steak pie ect.can i say nothing was left cheese toffeecake choc cheese cake slices mellons dinner was a success. Poor minnie and fergus had to go to a bedroom asalfie is antisocial with fergus lol. every one had a good chat about things over the year then the 2 familys had to go home ferus and minnie went to elizabeths house whereI had a swop I kept Erin she will be 11 on 11th Jan and Jaye who will be 9 on 17th Jan Also Arlene left Lyndsay who is 15yrs. Its another day now all is quiet everyone in bed but me xxxxxxxso bye for now god bless from nancybrownowl