Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hi my friends, been trying for ages to update my blog with some pics and a story but as usual I make a hash of it lol, so first thing here I will do is write my story and hopefully get a pic I realy want on it put in tomorrow as the camera is in the car and its very late!!!!!.I have a friends whose's daughter has arrived from Australia we have a suprize birthday party for her as she will be 30 then. As it's the Homecoming Scotland this year Robert Burns the poet was born 250yrs ago, her family have a piper and lots of things happening on saturday night in our community centre.LOTS TO EAT PLENTY OF FUN FUN FUN!!!!! As there will be plenty of haggis too. So I decided to make a clootie dumpling I started with 3pounds of flour followed with 2 bags mixed fruit spices ginger treacle sugar milk suet eggs it got bigger and bigger then it was put in a cloth and all tied up and kept on the boil for ages lol.i was at my cooking class today so made goulash with mashed pots and cheese creamed that went down well tonight with the kids .that class finished at 12noon inbetween that i got help with mixing all the ingriediants together then put it into a large soup pot with boiling water i was there for the next class which was the art class it started at 1pm till 3pm when everyone had left i was still there topping up the dumpling. by the time 4pm came i got help to carry it in the pot to my car with just a little water in it
got it safely home to my house and topped up and back on the boil till 6pm then out it came took the cloth off and dried it in a hot oven remembering to change it over to get the bottom dried lol. so now it looks like the stone of Destiny!!!!Tts massive lol so tomorrow you will hope fully see it in all its glory never have I made one so huge. SO COME THIS SATURDAY THE TRUTH IS IN THE TASTING !!! CHEERIO FOR NOW NANCYBROWNOWLXXXXXXXXXX

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DB said...

I does look quite tasty in a massive sort of way.