Sunday, 7 June 2009

Car Alarm Bell is ringing!!!!!

Hi folks its me again fergus and minnie are at my daughters this week end we have had our other daughters dog he is called Alfie and is a springer spanial and springer by name too!!!!!! watch out when Alfie is about is the shout. he eats anything insite if you not fast your last lol you lost what you were about to put into the pot. Anyway no dogs about so all is calm now tho Fergus and Minnie arrive with the kids at tomorrow morning.
Last week i was out in my car shopping and there was a funny noise coming from the car I parked at our community centre and one of the nursery nurses came out it was her lunch time she asked what was wrong as I was all over the car, had the boot open the doors 4 of them open .Well I started to explain and suddenly it stopped so was glad of that she went on her way I went into the centre as it was lunch club day . Off I went into the centre next thing I opened the door the alarm started again WHAT THE HECK!!!!!says I to Sally the caretaker I said I think its my car alarm lol she said never mind the alarm where is wee may i usually pick up a little old lady for the lunch club. so with no thot of the car i had to skoot away and pick up my charge . I came back we had lunch guess what when i went to the door to go out the alarm started screeching I yelled oh no! not again just then i put my hand in my pocket and guess what I brought out a my hearing aid which id just got and wasnt sure how to work it as it was noisy in the car I took it off when driving and forgot about it YUKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE ME LIKE .

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DB said...

Pesky things, those car alarms.