Thursday, 26 November 2009

update on minnie and fergus xx

hi everyone we have been awol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you missed us 2 wee dogs Minnie and Fergus.
Well here i am Minnie im having to get my identity tag rezoned as my mummy is going to live in Australia and i will be officialy adopted by granny and granda. My mummy leaves 11th Jan 2010 with my three sisters who are humane lol,we will miss them very much but we have to sit on grannys knee and bark to them via skype phone call plus there is a web cam !!!!!!!!granny said she wil have to wear her make up so she dont look too old lol. hahaha.not to sure about granda tho he never been on a computer so it will be fun fergus not saying too much tonight as its 12 midnight in scotland and he snoring below the bed .We both got to go get our check ups at the vets and get a few shots (no if you thinking we going were not emigrating ) only our mummy and the girls . will try keep a wee update on there journeys xxcheerio for now woof woof from Minnie and Fergusxxxxxxxx

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Trees said...

I have missed minnie and fergus for sure, and alfie too. I wish your daughter and grand daughters every good wish as they journey toward a land I truly love, Australia. I know you are going to miss them dearly Nancy.