Wednesday, 9 February 2011

update long overdue the family

hi, nancybrownowl here , just cant get rid of the name retired now from guiding u.k.(GIRL SCOUTS) havent been in here in ages and thot id see if i was still here wasnt sure if i would have been put off because i havent been writing any blogs. my daughter Elizabeth and her 3 daughters have now been in western australia for over a year and been a very trying year for granda and I.

the girls spent there 11th 13th and 18th birthdays in australia Erin was 13there and seems to have came on healthwise with her epilepsey which she took age 7yrs. she now has moved into senior school. Jaye has been going crazy with sport and has grown a lot taller now and both erin and jaye keep up with friends from school in scotland via facebook .Carina she has settled down and enjoying meeting new friends . there mum elizabeth cant believe how quick the first year has flown in.they are not near a beach they are out in the goldfields has a lovely town called kalgoorlie . 2 yrs to go and elizabeth who is a school teacher will have another replacement to another town of her choosing they want near a beach they just love we onto Fergus and Minnie HAHA!!!!

Took time for both dogs to settle with out kids around and elizabeth for she just spoiled them rotten. Fergus still as grumpy but loves cuddles and when minnie not looking steals her dinner that she has left afters tut tut !!.minnie is minnie she dont let him off with anything she steals his wee snack and hides it under her blanket !! when fergus has a bone he still goes into the garden and digs the earth in the flower pot and covers it with earth. Minne cant climb into the flower tub .weather been very wet just now seems a long winter so the get there wee half hour walk with granda .Both dogs were away to the vet for there booster and check up was so funny driving down to the vet this week i said to the dogs lol here you going to the vet so granda answered sheeeeee dont tell them they will go mad !!! well i laughed was so funny talking to them as human was waiting on an answer tee hee. anyway when we got there opened car door and first out and did a runner was Minnie yes we got her granda stood on her leish so her bid for freedom was stopped quickly. we managed to get into the vets with out anymore escapes after there weigh in then there jags and the rest we were able to go away happy but £100 out of pocket (well granda was )just as we left the the vets room Fergus let us down he went a peed against the table leg all i could say was sorry about that but was done so fast the vets shoe got wet as well she just laughed it off . thank goodness we dont go back for another 6 months.


Trees said...

Hi Nancy i really enjoyed heraing about the kids and Elizabeth and my wee pals Minnie and Fergus. Could not get into these blogs for such a long time, finally made it.

nancybrownowl said...

doing some catching up on my blogs lolits now2/2/13 and the family are gone now 3 yrs wow!!!!!!!! had been sick kids erin and jaye came home to see us for 6 weeks then carina came home for 6 weeks 3/12 /12 went back to oz 6/1/13 was brilliant xxx
from nancybrownowl twittiewahooooooooooo to you allxx