Friday, 30 January 2009


hi folks, its Nancybrownowl here all quiet with the 2 wee dogs Minnie and Fergus I think they must be on there best behavior this past 2weeks. Now its nearly end of January and I've had a busy month birthday wise, my baby was 40 on the 10th then Erin her daughter was 11yrs old 9th Jan then Jaye she was 9yrs on the 17th then last not to forget Robert Burns who was born 250yrs ago. The girls school have a Robert Burns Talent Contest every year they have cups presented and medals for the best spoken scottish poems and songs. So for that month we have Erin and Jaye practicing there songs and poems and its hard to learn because they dont know the old fashioned words how to pronounce them. Into the bargain Jaye is doing the country dancing lol . Myself been a wee bit busier than usual I go to a cooking class where we learn different meals from around the world It used to be on a Monday morning now its changed to a Thursday morning same day as when I go to an art class but its in the afternoon just as well.
A funny thing happened at the cooking class Joan the teacher was showing us how to do something in a pan when her apron caught fire she was using gas by luck I had a jug of water and plonked it onto her apron her face was a picture it gave us all a good laugh no damage done to Joan tho the apron was but out with the garbage.
Yesterday we gathered all our art together we are having an open night with a cheese and wine showing all the paintings. I've been had my hair done at 9am today my daughter Audrey has her own salon so I am getting titivated up for a wee change lol. When I came back with the grocery hubby was waiting on the gas repair man there was a fault but everything ok now he been and gone and house got the heating back on all lovely and cosy.
Well folks I need to skoot over to the community centre as we have to set up the hall with table and chairs so you take care and enjoy what ever you all do best .


Linda's World said...

Nancy, sounds like a busy month for you all the way around. Taking a cooking class would be fun. But with no big family to cook for anymore, I'd probably never do it now. Have a good weekend....Linda in Washington state

FrankandMary said...

The funny thing that would happen at any cooking class I attended would be that I was there at all. Long ago I could cook and somehow lost the knack(or maybe I really don't want to?). Sounds like you have a lot going on.

You'd sent me an email about reading my blog and not being able to comment, I am sorry, but emails are fine too :-). Thank you for your kind words. ~Mary

a corgi said...

wow, that must have been scary when the teacher's apron caught on fire! so glad you were there with some water to help put it out!

sounds like all is going well with lots of good things happening!


Trees said...

Nancy it is hard to believe that I met you on here when Jay was just 1year old. So many years have passed and the kids are growning so much. I wish I could join you in the cooking and art classes, that would be a lot of fun. You have so much going on you make me tired, lol. Take care my friend.