Friday, 23 January 2009

Short back and sides for Minnie and Fergus.

hi it's me Minnie, yes my turn to speak what a week been on a pampering day with my brother Fergus we went back to the place where we were born and guess what ? We were washed ,nails cut, and an electric clipper was used to clip all my locks off poor me nancy said I looked lovely but I felt I looked like a wee lamb just born. Now wait for it see that Fergus he just would not settle down he was very nauty he finished up with the lady putting a muzzle on him as he was getting very noisey and was trying to snap at the lady . I tried to get a wee nap but no joy did i get it no!!!!!!!!!!!! we were taken to the farm 10am on the dot . Nancy went away to do some shopping then she went to her lunch club where there were fifty over 50s
people having a HAGGIS DINNER they had cockoleekie soup followed with Haggis neeps and creamed potatoes followed clootie dumplin with custard then tea coffee and aot cakes with cheese and lovely shortbread shhhhhhh!!!!!! i thought nancy said she was back on her diet after the new year i wonder what one she ment the Chinese New Year. After luch was finished they put on music and they were dancing like crazy. Nancy must have enjoyed it as it was 4pm before she came back to pick fergus and me up.when our other mum liz saw us at our house she had to get her scissors and trim Ferguses beard as it was lopsided with him not sitting still well friends will say cheerio for now TAKE CARE GOD BLESS FROM MINNIE AND FERGUS WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Linda's World said...

We would love to see a picture of you both with your new look. Sounds like everyone concerned had an exciting day. Linda in Washington