Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Day 2009.

hi everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL MANY MORE TO COME.About 8 oclock all quiet Fergus and Minnie asleep minnie on my knee and fergus under my feet snoring gently when we had a knock at the door so the peace was shattered dogs barking and growling it was my sister inlaw Moira and Willies brother Charlie round to bring in the bells with us at midnight. We watched ELTON JOHN in concert the music and piano playing was first class. ELTON JOHN finished up singing candle in the wind.The bells were ringing we were wishing one another a happy new year we had shortbread and currant bun followed with a small buffee. lol best not forget the FAMOUSE GROUSE WHISKEY. For me it was another scottish drink Irn Bru.Last year I had a health scare and finished up in hospital on Hugmannay with my heart so it was no alcohol just Irn Bru. our inlaws left at 3pm then it was off to bed. Up at 9am next morning prepared dinner had already cooked a roast of pork and my daughter Arlene and husband and 2 kids and alfie a springer spanial were coming to dinner also my other daughter elizabeth with her three daughters all arrived and the roast, veg and a large family steak pie ect.can i say nothing was left cheese toffeecake choc cheese cake slices mellons dinner was a success. Poor minnie and fergus had to go to a bedroom asalfie is antisocial with fergus lol. every one had a good chat about things over the year then the 2 familys had to go home ferus and minnie went to elizabeths house whereI had a swop I kept Erin she will be 11 on 11th Jan and Jaye who will be 9 on 17th Jan Also Arlene left Lyndsay who is 15yrs. Its another day now all is quiet everyone in bed but me xxxxxxxso bye for now god bless from nancybrownowl


a corgi said...

seems like you had a great New Year Nancy! I like reading how you celebrated it too! different customs then we have, but some are similar; like the bells ringing; I've never lived anywhere where they've done that to welcome in the new year!

your menu for your family dinner sounded delicious too! so glad you had a chance to visit with those you loved to welcome in 2009!

happy new year!


kathy said...

Having sampled the hospitality of nancy i can only say one thing she is the best.