Saturday, 22 November 2008

Fergus & Minnie AWOL!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks. its me again Nancybrownowl, well the 2 wee dogs are away on a weekend pass lol,they are at my daughters house with the 3 grandaughters as I'm watching there cousin Alfie who is a springer spanial and very hyperactive when around Fergus and Minnie so I'm afraid they just don't meet up. Alfie has a lovely brown and white coat with floppy ears and loves long walks rushing thru the long grasses and just loves the sea shore once he is in the water its hard to get him out.But his sleeping arrangements are to be desired . He just wont sleep himself as i was soon to find out lol. There i was just me and Alfie watching a film decided to go get some crisps to eat as I'm not allowed them , so the door opened in came Alfie's sister lol, Lyndsay my grandaughter she is 15yrs old. She looked at me as Alfie was sitting so straight watching my hand Nanny whats he doing sitting like that, she asked i tried to be so innocent said i didn't know and i had a handful of crisps in my hand hidden .after 10 minutes she went up to the computer again and i had to finish giving Alfie the crisps as they were all broken. When it finally came to bedtime WE WERE IN BED WHEN WHOOSHHHHHHHH he was there right in the middle of the bed and he was out and in it like a yo yo so not much sleep was had .well Alfie is away home now and the other 2 Fergus and Minnie come back tomorrow lets hope Fergus dont go spraying everywhere lol. god bless you all love from nancyxx


Linda's World said...

So you had to farm your two dogs out to care for someone else's dog? That's interesting. Actually, that's kind of nice, everyone involved had a little change of scenery. Linda in Washington state

Trees said...

Nancy it is good to see ole alfie came to visit again. Say hi to him for me.