Saturday, 29 November 2008

st andrews day celebrations scotland

hi folks hope your all well and ready for Christmas 2008. The kids here are getting excited and the wee dogs Minnie and Fergus will soon know whats all happening. Today is ST Andrews Day. he is the patron Saint of Scotland. Tomorrow were having a very Scottish dinner Cock a leekie soup. steak pie crusty top mashed turnip carrots and green peas creamed potatoes then a variety of sweets followed by tea or coffee not to mention a wee hauf of Johnny Walker Whiskey.Ive tried in vain to put a pic of Erin my gran daughter in her kilt but as usual im rubbish maybe soon ill remember how to do it lol.well my friends will say cheerio for now and God bless you all from nancyxx
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nancybrownowl said...

well folks have one comment to make today is now the 30th november st andrews day scotland and i took ages to do this making a mess as usuall but thats the reason the date was wrong so bye for now love nancyxx

sober white women said...

Oh yur dinner sounds good. I have been so busy trying to get these quilts done that I think dinner will be coming out of a box tonight! LOL
I am putting the kettle on. It is very cold for southern California.