Sunday, 16 November 2008

hi its Sunday night , Minnie and Fergus arrived at 12noon today they had been away for a few days to my daughter Elizabeth and her 3 daughters they left Thursday tea time.both played in the garden for ages ,then they were house sitting lol,I was at a club for disabled young adults. I had my 2 granddaughters with me Erin will be 11yrs old in January and Jaye will be 9yrs old january the were doing there community service for the brownie and guide troop.well today was baking day just cold sweets no oven was used lots icing sugar and jam plus chocalate and rice krispies . everyone enjoyed themselves. I got landed with pancake making was so busy i couldnt even get a chance to eat the rejects that was made lol. the 2 wee dogs were fine when i got home except they have had a coushin fight lol all the coushins were scattered around the i type this wee minnie is asleep shhhhhhhh on my bed Fergus he likes to be last in bed he sleeps downstairs till around 4am then wanders up stairs some morning i wake up my hair is like Davy Crocket. as Fergus has manages to sneak in a space above my head on my pillow and the static from him is passed to me .well thats all for now God bless you all nancybrownowl


Trees said...

Ha ha ha Nancy i could just see you as Davy crockett. it is nice to see Erin and Jaye helping out for such a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

This is your favorite sister, Margaret. The rest all have different names. Love your blog. You're as crazy as every -- so sorry you didn't get any pancake rejects. Love you to bits. Wee (((((hugs)))))